An Giang


An Giang is a province in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam. An Giang is 231 km away from Ho Chi Minh City and has a border with Cambodia. Coming to An Giang, you will have wonderful experiences in the southern countryside, where the spiritual life, fields and rivers are closely linked with the lives of local people. The sacredness of the mountains and forests, the cultural interference between the Vietnamese, Chinese and Khmer ethnic groups create the characteristics of tourism in An Giang.

Top attractions 

Tra Su cajuput forest

To visit Tra Su cajuput forest, you have to go by small boat, break the waves on the carpets of duckweed, and listen to the sound of wild birds chirping happily. In Tra Su cajuput forest, there is a watchtower. From here, you can see the entire vast cajuput forest.

Oc Eo relics

Oc Eo relic is a place to store important historical values. This place is associated with many traces of the kingdom of Funan thousands of years old.

Shrine of the Sam Mountain Goddess

The Shrine of the Sam Mountain Goddess is an important part of the spiritual life of the local people. Through the sacred “you get what you want”, this is a place that attracts many people to worship, especially those who do business in An Giang and the South of Vietnam.

Cham Village – Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque

Visitors are attracted by the unique culture of Cham village with traditional wooden stilt houses, and watch Cam girls playing on traditional brocade looms.

Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque is one of the oldest and most beautiful mosques in An Giang and has become a religious symbol of Muslim residents living here.

Recommended foods

Sầu đâu salad

The dish consists of boiled bacon, shrimp, fish, green mango, cucumber, herbs, peanuts, etc. The main ingredient is “sau dau” leaves. When eating, blanch the leaves in boiling water to reduce its bitterness, then mix with the above ingredients to create the famous salad.

Fried chicken with sticky rice

Sticky rice is fried, puffed up, served with fragrant roasted chicken. When eating, you can dip it with chili sauce or soy sauce to make it more delicious.

Com tam Long Xuyen

Com tam Long Xuyen features in the marinating stage of ingredients and food presentation. The topping is all cut into convenient and easy to use. A plate includes ribs, pig skin, pickles, and braised eggs.

Palmyra palm steamed rice cake

Palmyra palm steamed rice cake is made from rice flour and palm fruits sugar, which is a typical tree of An Giang. The cake is yellow, soft, spongy, fragrant, usually eaten with coconut milk.

Travel tips

From December to April next year is the right time to travel to An Giang because the weather is fine.

You need to prepare comfortable clothes when visiting the cajurut forest and formal clothes when visiting temples, shrines, cathedrals, etc.

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