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The Authentic Mekong Delta – Non-touristy Route

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Ha Long Bay

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Shuttle Bus To Tay Ninh

Nearly 100km from Ho Chi Minh City, Tay Ninh is an ideal destination for domestic and foreign tourists to visit, explore the scenic spots and enjoy delicious regional dishes.

Tay Ninh

Tay Ninh

phu quoc


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Ha Long Bay captivates visitors with its majestic and unique natural scenery with images of hundreds of thousands of islands, large and small, with different shapes, green vegetation, and clear and calm sea water. Thanks to its picturesque natural beauty, Ha Long Bay was recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage site in 1994 and 2000 with beautiful scenes of nature. our S-shaped strip of land.



Referring to the Northern region, no one can ignore the name Sapa, which has strongly marked on the tourist map of Vietnam with its majestic, unspoiled mountain scenery, characteristic climate, and cultural features. The unique culture of ethnic minorities in mountainous areas.. Dubbed the mountain town in the mist, it attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to explore and learn about the Northwest mountains, or simply Find yourself a peaceful place to relax after stress and fatigue.

Nghe An lotus village

Sen village now belongs to Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province. This is where President Ho Chi Minh lived during his teenage years. Under the thatched roof of his father's hometown, the love of family, relatives and neighbors nurtured in Uncle Ho a love for the country and people of Vietnam. Ever since then, that simple little village has become the cradle to mold the name of the great leader of the Vietnamese nation - President Ho Chi Minh.

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is a historical site of the ancient Thang Long citadel, starting from the pre-Thang Long period (7th century) through the Dinh - Tien Le dynasties. Hanoi under the Nguyen Dynasty. This is a massive architectural work, built by dynasties in many stages and has become the most important relic among the relics of Vietnam. The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long has been recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.


Visitors to Ba Be National Park can not only enjoy the natural beauty but also learn about cultural and scientific values with a team of guides knowledgeable about Ba Be and indigenous traditional culture. On sunny days, the whole lake looks like a watercolor painting that captivates fastidious tourists. The lake surface is calm, always as blue as a mirror in the shadow of mountains and clouds.


Thung Nai tourism each season has its own beauty, but in the summer, from May to August, the air on this place is very fresh, cool, suitable to come to avoid the heat. Especially on weekends and full moon days, visitors can enjoy watching the moon on the lake bed of Da River because the moon on full moon days is extremely bright and beautiful. If you go in the dry season, you can visit Thac Bo cave, Thac Bo temple.


Mai Chau is a beautiful valley that dazzles visitors. Not only attracting visitors by the rustic beauty of the mountains and forests, the shyness of the mountain women, but also by the warm hearts of the people here, the cool and temperate climate, and the beautiful scenery. majestic and poetic nature, gentle and friendly people, and typical traditional cultural identity. Unique and fresh experiences are something you will definitely get when choosing Mai Chau.


Yen Tu Mountain

Yen Tu tourist area is a place to keep historical and cultural relics associated with the formation and development of Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen sect. Traveling to Yen Tu Pagoda in Quang Ninh - pilgrimage to a peaceful place has recently been chosen by more and more tourists for their vacation. It's hard to find a place with as many unique places as in Yen Tu. Yen Tu may not be your final destination, but it is definitely a place that you must visit at least once.


As the first university relic complex in our country, the Temple of Literature is not only a cultural and historical relic but also a place where many scholars and students come here to pray for luck in exams and study. .. Temple of Literature was built in 1070 under King Ly Thanh Tong, is the place to worship Confucius, Chu Cong and Tu Ma. In 1076, King Ly Nhan Tong established Quoc Tu Giam next to a university dedicated to the king's children and noble families.


Entering Ba Vi National Park, you will first have the opportunity to explore the magical natural forest immersed in mist. A whole pine forest with immense green colors, you are free to take pictures with your best friends that are no different from being lost in Alice's wonderland. Especially, in the autumn - the beautiful leaf fall season, you will witness the whole forest immersed in the golden color of the leaves, right now, watching the leaves fall with your loved one is nothing more romantic than that.


Ba Na Hills is located in Hoa Vang district, about 25km southwest of Da Nang city center, at an altitude of 1487m above sea level. Coming to Sun World Ba Na Hills, visitors will experience the four-season climate in one day, travel on cable cars, and immerse themselves in the natural landscape of successive primeval forests in Ba Na, Nui Chua. , enjoy a variety of cuisines and enjoy the festive atmosphere.


Cu Chi Tunnels tourism is now increasingly developing because it is not only a destination with historical and cultural value but also an attractive tourist destination associated with famous military works in Vietnam. In order to have such a complete tunnel, tens of thousands of soldiers and people of Cu Chi defied the frequent raids of the enemy, alternated day and night, secretly dug underground tunnels and skillfully camouflage and hide.


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