Son La

Son La province is a famous tourist destination of the northwest region. To attract tourists to visit by the poetic beauty of mountains and forests. Son La is located in a humid subtropical climate. Average temperatures for the year range from 17oC – 26oC. The climate in Son La is divided into two distinct seasons, making the places the ideal setting for a tourist holiday with family and friends.

When traveling to Son La, you can visit many famous attractions, the mountainous district of Moc Chau in Son La province is an ideal destination for peace or romantic getaways, you do not miss it. And many top attractions such as: Ta Xua Peak, Moc Suong Tea Hill, Dai Yem waterfall, Nha Nhung cave, Pine Forest in Ang Village…

If you are a food lover, you should not miss the special dishes with bold Northwest cuisine of Son La province. Has many famous dishes such as: Pa Binh Top grilled fish, Buffalo meat hanging in the kitchen, Suoi Bang rock snail, Moc Chau Veal, Yen Chau seed banana wine…

You can ride motorbikes to Son La, because the from HaNoi capital to Son La province is only about 300km. The best time to visit Son La is in September, October, and November. The air in these months we’ll be low, so you should bring warm clothes to avoid getting cold when visiting Son La.

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