Sapa is a highland town in Sapa district, Lao Cai province, Northwest of Vietnam. It still contains many hidden wonders of nature with the terrain of hills, the green of forests, creating a colorful harmonious picture. The gorgeousness of the town hidden in the clouds – Sapa is the embodiment of Northwest nature and people. Let immerse yourself into the exotic sceneries of Vietnam’s highland region.

Top attractions

CAT CAT VILLAGE – An unique cultural sightseeing

SIN CHAI VILLAGE – An untouched beauty

SILVER FALLS – The symphony of forest and mountain

ANCIENT STONE FIELD – Trace of prehistoric human

SAPA MARKET – Shopping destination

FANSIPAN PEAK MOUNTAIN – The roof of Indochina

O QUY HO PASS – An adventure attraction

SAPA STONE CHURCH – The religious attraction

Recommended foods

  • ‘Thang co’

  • ‘Cap nach” pork
  • Bamboo-tube Rice

  • Buffalo meat upstairs kitchen

  • Salmon Sour Hot Pot
  • Sapa Black Chicken
  • Sapa Cat Cider

Travel tips

The good time for visiting Sapa depends on your hobbies and purposes to choose a suitable time for your trips.

There are several ways for transportation in Sapa such as Taxi, trekking, motorbike, bicycle, cycle or motorbike taxi.

Buying any souvenirs at The Authentic H’mong handicraft shop or Sapa Market for more options.

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