Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)


The economic backbone of Vietnam and the largest metropolis in the nation, Ho Chi Minh – also known as Saigon to locals – is one of the most exciting places to visit in the country. The sprawling city is officially home to some 8m residents, but it’s far more populous than that. The central business zone – or District 1 – is the area most visited by tourists. However, for the adventurous types, head to the less explored, more authentic, and interesting neighboring districts: Binh Thanh, Phu Nhuan or District 3.

Top attractions

  • Ben Thanh Market
  • Independence Palace
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Vietnam History Museum
  • Cu Chi Tunnels
  • Nguyen Hue beef noodle soup
  • Botanical Garden
  • Artinus.3D Painting Museum
  • Bitexco Building
  • Dam Sen Water Park

Recommended foods

  • Banh Mi Saigon
  • Seafood- snails
  • Broken rice dish
  • Thai hot pot
  • BBQ
  • Dim sum
  • Noodles

Travel tips

The best time for you to do a little bit of Saigon tourism is from December to April next year. This is the dry season in Saigon. The rainy season will also have its own interesting things, but sometimes the rains will interrupt your journey, especially in the evening.

In addition, you should prepare the necessary personal items for yourself.

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