Cao Bang


Cao Bang is a province in the Northeast region of Vietnam, closest to the Chinese border. It is 280km away from Ha Noi. Many ethnic minority groups live here such as Tay, Nung, Dao, Hmong, San Chay, Lo Lo, etc. Unlike other famous tourist destinations, Cao Bang has a simple beauty, close to nature. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will find peace in this majestic mountain. Cao Bang is associated with the history of the Vietnam War. Besides, it is a famous tourist destination with historical sites and beautiful natural landscapes.

Top attractions

Let’s discover the hidden beauty!

If you love learning history, you can visit Pac Bo caves and Lenin stream, where Ho Chi Minh president lived and worked with soldiers. If you love exploring nature, do not miss Nguom Ngao caves, Thang Hen Lake.

The top attraction you should visit is Ban Gioc Waterfall. Not only is it one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam, but also the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia and the natural border between Vietnam and China. Sitting on a boat and going around the foot of the waterfall, you will have a memorable experience to get a close-up view of the waterfall continuously pouring cool and immersed in nature.

Recommended foods

Must try specialties with local cultural cuisine in the mountains when you come to Cao Bang:

Da Hien vegetables

This vegetable usually grows wild in the high Rocky Mountains from February to July of the lunar calendar. This is a tonic, kidney, strong tendons. Red Da Hien vegetables is also one of the cures for infertility.

Roast duck 7 flavors

Cao Bang people use 7 different spices to marinate duck: ginger, garlic, dried onions, pepper, honey, tofu, dried macadamia nuts. They use a flexible bamboo ladle, thinly split and sharpen the tip to make a needle, sew the duck belly, keep the water from flowing out.

Ant egg cake

This is one of the culinary cultures of the Tay ethnic group in Cao Bang province. Ant Egg Cake is made from glutinous rice flour, black ant eggs and fig browse tree.

Trung Khanh chestnut

The nut is brown, round. The smallest seed is the size of a big toe. Chongqing chestnuts have a delicious flavor when boiled, roasted, dried, or simmered with pork legs, chicken.

Travel tips

In each season, Cao Bang brings its own beauty. However, the best time to go to Cao Bang is from August to September when Ban Gioc waterfall is full of clear blue water and from November to December when Tam Giac Mach flowers and Da Quy flowers bloom all over the mountains.

When traveling to Cao Bang, remember to bring full identification because this is a border area. You should respect the customs of the local people and not go into prohibited areas or cross the border.

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