Bac Lieu

Many people believe that Bac Lieu is an ideal place for those who want to experience the music of the old folk song “Da co Hoai Lang”, or travel to many historical sites, … In addition, Bac Lieu is a province in the Mekong Delta, located in the southern part of VietNam. Besides that, there are many wonderful places attracting domestic and foreign tourists. 

“The Prince of Bac Lieu” is one of the most popular places, the legend of a rich playboy who was renowned for burning money to make sweep soup.  

If you desire to travel somewhere that has Khmer architecture, you should not miss the opportunity to visit Xiem Can Pagoda. With the special view of the top gate, travellers can see three Angkor – style towers which are decorated with head snakes by professional sculptors. 

You want to enjoy music after a stressful time, I highly recommend another wonderful architecture of Bac Lieu named Theater Cao Van Lau. It is combined with a stunning lotus pond and huge conical hats.

You desire to savour pretty cuisine, please come to Bac Lieu, since it has abundant food. Ba Khia, whoever eats this dish will never and ever forget this. This is a tiny special crab of local people living in Bac Lieu in particular and the western part in VietNam. In processing, the locals will combine ba khia with several ingredients to make different dishes like Ba khia mam, ba Khia salad. 

When people taste these grilled spring rolls, they can feel the sweetness of grilled meat, the sourness of raw vegetables.

All of this element, you will truly fall in love with Bac Lieu province

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